Build a secure, sustainable & liberating future by generating alternate sources of income and diversifying your wealth wisely to successfully combat whatever mandates or issues that arise


Creating A Sovereign Income In The New Economy

Your financial future and livelihood is about to be completely WIPED OUT unless you do something about it!

Let me explain.

Across the globe, people are giving up and losing hope.

Not in the government … but themselves.

And there’s a reason.

For the last 100+ years, we’ve slowly given up more and more of our basic human liberties.

We’ve subjected ourselves to government, contracts and licenses to a point where we essentially have no rights.

And as every year goes by, laws seem to become harsher with less objection every time.

Now … our society has put itself in a position where people are dictated how much they make, when they can and can’t work, how much tax they pay, what they can and can’t invest in and ultimately where their future is heading.

Fair to say?

But that’s not how life was designed to be.

Life was made to be liberating, full of purpose and creating a better world for yourself and those around you.

These days, it couldn’t be further from that.

Most people spend their life working with no meaning just to pay off their bills and mortgage.

And it’s why people are starting to turn to the idea of socialism in which all their debts are forgiven in exchange for everything they own – including your property, stocks, investments, gold, silver, bank savings and more!

I’m sure you’ve heard of the Great Reset, correct?

That’s what’s happening.

Citizens across the globe are crying out for a reset of capitalism as global debt levels (both in the government and personal) are higher than ever before.

And if you’re not prepared for this “Great Reset” nor generating an alternate stream of income to secure your future, you’re going to be wiped out like the masses.

So whether you own 50k worth of assets or 100 million, preparing your financial future immediately for the new economy is critical.

I’m not talking theoretics either because it’s happened before. In fact, not just once or twice but many times.

Think Great Depression, 2008-10 GFC, 2013 Cyprus, 2014 Venezuela, 2015 Greece to name a few recent ones.

History really is a great teacher.

Our country operates with an outdated system, failing financial institutions and extreme measures are being taken by the government to keep the economy afloat.

While one world ends, a new era begins.

When you look back to the Great Depression in 1929-32 all you remember it for is the great lack and devasting effects it caused to many families and individuals across the world.


But what unfolded behind the scenes was incredible.

During this period, the largest number of millionaires were recorded than any other time period. Even to this day.

These were the people who saw the economic transition, the HUGE opportunities it presented and the new demands of society.

(Now … we’re seeing similar or even greater opportunities than those times!)

I’ll be transparent, our companies have exploded since the crisis.

Same thing goes with technology and cryptos.

Recently, Bitcoin and Ethereum reached an all-time high. Shiba Inu also created a lot of wealth for individuals over the last year.

But to get to my point…

It’s all about positioning yourself and exposing yourself to the incredible opportunities available.

Further, it’s about knowing where to look when you’re investing and where to start if you’re in business.

It’s time to take action.

The world, economy and our very way of living is fast changing.

We’re moving from the Analogue Age to the Artificial Intelligence Age.

If you’re not ready for this, you’re going to be left broke just like most unprepared business owners, investors, employees and society as a whole during every major recession.

Join this course and become part of the new wealthy.



  • Discover how to safely stake your cryptocurrencies so you can potentially make 5-10% per annum and in some cases even more.
  • How you can use your shares or stocks to potentially make an income in volatile markets (by writing options on them).
  • Gain clarity on the changes we’re seeing in the world, why it’s happening and how to make money from the transition.
  • What you need to do in your business to start generating stable cashflow.
  • The offshore world and investments – why they generally offer much better returns, why the elite + western governments love to use them and how to get into them yourself.
  • Tips to invest with a balanced and safe approach so you not only grow your portfolio in the long term but also ensure your wealth is protected for the rainy day.
  • And much, much more!



Business Growth

Class 1: Making a New Business Profitable from Day One

Class 2: Growing Your Business Beyond Yourself

Trading and Investing

Class 1: The New Economy and Alternative Income Streams

Class 2: Creating an Income Stream from Trading

Class 3: Precious Metals by Karim Raffa


Class 1: Getting Started in Cryptos

Class 2: Stake it Till You Make It

Class 3: Cryptocurrencies Q&A with Brad Cusworth

Follow-Up Webinars

Class 1: Crypto Bot Trading with Connor Marshall and HB





Warren is a specialist in Australian and international taxes. He is passionate about sovereignty and freeing business owners and investors from the oppression of unjust taxes and government asset thefts 100% legally.

In Warren’s words, his mission is to “help people slash their tax 100% legally and keep greedy gold diggers far from their hard-earned wealth so they won’t reap where they have not sown … ”.

Warren has a specialist expertise in common law, finances, sovereignty, offshore tax planning, and higher level tax structuring for investors and business owners. He is known for his eccentric and out-of-the-box approach to life and creative yet 100% legal ways of minimising tax for clients.

Warren’s credentials in this area are many. They include over 30 years’ experience in tax and wealth protection, 10 years at the Australian Taxation Office, qualifications as an accountant, lawyer and investment advisor, First Class Honours, the Mallesons Stephen Jacques prize for his Honours thesis.



What’s fascinating about Stephen is up until recently he strictly dealt with individuals who had a net-worth of minimum $50 million USD and even worked with $100 million+ to the billionaire category.

Stephen calls himself an internationalisation architect. His profession is based on helping companies go global and achieve massive growth in both their business and revenue.

In simple terms, he does this by taking them off the stock market, restructuring them with his team and then launching it back on the stock exchange turning them into millions of profit – making them 10 to even 100 times the initial buy in price!

The amazing thing about him is he’s not only a master in venture capital and Pre-IPO investing but also a genius when it comes to asset and wealth protection.

He’s been involved in major legal money moving operations to help diplomats, multi-millionaires and billionaires to protect their wealth.

Things started to change for Stephen around 5 years ago when he had a severe spider bite which hospitalized him for several months (and in fact nearly killed him)!

This gave him the vision and impious to give back and serve the world with his wealth of knowledge. 

Now he helps to assist individuals who are brand new on their journey to sovereignty (and has even helped many of our clients).

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