Date: 20 July 2024 (Saturday)

Time:  8:30am – 5:00pm AWST / 10:30am – 7:00pm AEST

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Why Join?

In this event, our experts will show you how to reclaim your power and become sovereign in all seven areas of life. 

  • Understand your legal rights so you can’t be coerced or controlled by government and others 
  • Become financially empowered and know how to sustain your current income (and potentially even grow it) 
  • Prosper in times of economic chaos – through understanding investments despite the economic instability (times of crisis creates more opportunity than ever) 
  • Stay sane and even overcome mental health challenges, such as anxiety, fear, or frustration in light of recent world events or personal circumstances  
  • Improve your physical health – such as increase energy levels, feel more vibrant, gain a better understanding of supplements and products to assist you, etc. 
  • And so much more! 

Even if you can’t attend the live workshop, you’ll receive lifetime access to the recordings, allowing you to learn at your own pace.

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Your Hosts

Warren Black

Warren Black

Warren Black is a former lawyer, accountant and ATO auditor turned sovereignty mentor. The last 30 years, he’s helped thousands of people to legally slash their taxes from greedy governments, protect their assets from potential danger and move offshore for global freedom.

Warren has spent years in underground movements working with spies, CIA operatives, government officials learning the hidden secrets of the world, every conspiracy under the sun, how the whole system functions, and more.

Now, Warren knows the system inside-out and helps people to become sovereign using a balanced approach from his legal knowledge.

After discovering his legal rights, Warren took on governments, speeding fines, parking fines in court and won nearly every time. He was personally visited by the cops after winning too many cases against governments! Warren has been audited 7 times to date (including a famous case by the Panama Papers in 2016 involving moving money offshore) and has been clean every time!

The way Warren sees being sovereign is like Neo from the Matrix. You’re able to enter and exit the matrix at will by understanding how to reap the benefits of both the public and private arena.

These days, Warren spends the majority of his time in philanthropic work because in his own words, his drive is to “empower as many individuals as possible” and win back freedom in our country.


Stephen Petith

Stephen Petith, up until recently, strictly dealt with individuals who had a net-worth of minimum 50M USD and more commonly, 100M USD+ – billionaires.

Stephen calls himself an internationalisation architect. His profession is based on helping companies go global and achieve massive growth in both their business and revenue.

In simple terms, he does this by taking them off the stock market, restructuring them with his team and then launching it back on the stock exchange turning them into millions of profit – making them 10 to even 100 times the initial buy in price!

Stephen is not only experienced in venture capital and pre-IPO investing but has also spent decades mastering asset and wealth protection.

He’s been involved in major money moving operations to help diplomats, multi-millionaires and billionaires to protect their wealth, legally.

Things started to change for Stephen around 5 years ago when he had a severe spider bite which hospitalized him for several months (and in fact nearly killed him)!

This gave him the vision and impious to give back and serve the world with his wealth of knowledge. 

Now he helps to assist individuals who are brand new on their journey to sovereignty (and has even helped many of our clients).


Trent Chapman

Introducing Trent Chapman: Sovereign Strategist and Mental Health Maverick. Trent is a dynamic force at Global Wealth Club, infusing financial wisdom with psychological well-being to guide members toward complete sovereignty. As Trent says Sovereignty starts in the mind and he has 3 core pillars he stands by, Education, Empowerment, Enlightenment. 

Charting a course through over seventy nations, Trent’s odyssey is far from ordinary tourism. It’s a deep dive into the essence of sovereignty on a global stage. His immersive travels unlock a wealth of practical knowledge, equipping him to demystify the principles of sovereignty for everyone, from novices to seasoned enthusiasts. 

In the realm of mental health, Trent’s reputation precedes him. He has crafted pioneering programs that resonate with individuals across Australia and New Zealand, earning recognition at the highest levels, including accolades in parliament and consulting to some of the biggest companies in the country. Trent’s educational style is both relatable and revelatory, empowering people to connect with their inner strength and wisdom. 

Trent’s dedication to natural solutions extends to his innovative product line, targeting the unique challenges faced by women and those navigating mental health issues. His approach is refreshingly holistic, addressing the complex demands of modern life.


Nik Cree

Nik Cree is an Online Transformation Coach and Implementation Consultant.

He is also known to code up WordPress themes and plugins, write sales copy, appear live on Facebook and loves partnering with businesses looking to embrace online tools, apps and systems to leverage time and make more money.

Previously, Nik was founder and CEO of a mortgage broking company implementing online strategies to grow it from a local start up to an award-winning national business.

Selling it 10 years later, he moved with his family from New Zealand to Australia and started Positive Business Online, a WordPress web design and development agency working with businesses to grow their online leads, enquiries and sales with an effective website.

He sold the business in the middle of the Global pandemic to focus on providing online courses and programs to help businesses and entrepreneurs understand and effectively use the array of tools and strategies available online today to truly become a global business.

He is often seen online hosting the Business Owners Smashing It Online webcast, WordPress Meetups and is fuelled by copious amounts of coffee and unstoppable enthusiasm for new ideas and projects.

Nik is available for speaking and consulting in the web development and digital marketing space as well as private coaching and consulting.


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