Stop Governments From Grabbing Your Retirement Funds, Bank Savings & Hard-Earned Assets

Join former lawyer, accountant and ATO auditor, Warren Black for this exclusive online masterclass where you learn how to not only protect yourself but also thrive in today’s turbulent economic conditions.

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5 Fast Track Steps to Secure Your Financial Future

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Session 1 - Introduction to Companies

  • When companies may be a suitable option to protect your money from the increasing tax rates
  • Why Warren believes one should NEVER set up as a sole trader or in a partnership, and the “better” alternatives to it

Session 2 - Introduction to Trusts

  • When using a trust(s) may be a suitable option for you
  • The 4 main types of trusts every business owner or investor with assets needs to know to secure their wealth from tax grabs, creditors and governments
  • The ATO crackdown on trust distributions Warren sees ahead, whether it’ll survive and how to safely navigate it so you don’t face unsuspected tax consequences

Session 3 - Introduction to Foundations

  • The 1 structure which puts you in favour with the government where they DON’T want to tax or take money from
  • Warren’s view on why this will be the best way to go in the future to set up your affairs over any other structure
  • Why this structure is VERY LIKELY to survive and thrive in the coming socialist regime, and why ALL the elite use it
  • Examples of how this structure works and when one would consider setting this up  

Session 4 - Private Structures – Are They a Legal Solution?

  • Is setting yourself up in private structures the best way to keep your money safe from predators?
  • A balanced look weighing up the pros & cons of setting up in private

Session 5 - Practical Application & Conclusion

  • ACTIONABLE steps you can now take to implement what you’ve learned on asset protection
  • Options on who you can work with to help guide you or set up the right structures / readjust them for your personal circumstance

Why Join?


Do you know the government’s 2 favourite things?

Hint … it’s not your safety or financial well-being.

It’s tax and control.

Nearly half of your money goes to the government in income tax alone.

On TOP of that, you have to pay GST on most things you buy.

If you have investments (such as property) you’re also faced with capital gains, stamp duty and land tax. Now they’re even looking to bring in paper gains tax!

The list goes on.  

To put this into perspective… 

You’re essentially working 4, 5 or even 6 months of the year just to pay the government.

Doesn’t sound fair, does it?

The worst part of all (as if everything else isn’t bad enough already) is they’re only adding to the list of taxes and squeezing you of your hard-earned money.

Recently, they announced that anyone with over $3 million in their super will be paying a flat tax rate of 30%, not 15%.

I want to help you put a barrier to this in your life so you don’t pay any more tax than you legally have to.

I want you to keep more of your hard-earned money and protect it from the horrendous laws around tax, greedy predators and the Great Reset. 

Because when you have a mortgage to pay off, dreams to become debt free, and ultimately want to secure your future…

It makes it almost impossible to get there in today’s corrupt world and how the system is set up. 

There are things you can do to keep more of your money and control. 100% legally. 

The secret is to own nothing but control everything.

To use trusts, companies, a foundation or whatever structure is appropriate for your situation.

This way, you get more control over your money (not the government), potentially slash your taxes by up to 75% legally, and keep your assets safe from their greedy hands.

Join us at this exclusive training with Warren Black where you start reclaiming your sovereignty and thrive in the uncertain times we’re in.



Warren Black

Warren Black

Warren Black is a former lawyer, accountant and ATO auditor turned sovereignty mentor. The last 30 years, he’s helped thousands of people to legally slash their taxes from greedy governments, protect their assets from potential danger and move offshore for global freedom.

Warren has spent years in underground movements working with spies, CIA operatives, government officials learning the hidden secrets of the world, every conspiracy under the sun, how the whole system functions, and more.

Now, Warren knows the system inside-out and helps people to become sovereign using a balanced approach from his legal knowledge.

After discovering his legal rights, Warren took on governments, speeding fines, parking fines in court and won nearly every time. He was personally visited by the cops after winning too many cases against governments! Warren has been audited 7 times to date (including a famous case by the Panama Papers in 2016 involving moving money offshore) and has been clean every time!

The way Warren sees being sovereign is like Neo from the Matrix. You’re able to enter and exit the matrix at will by understanding how to reap the benefits of both the public and private arena.

These days, Warren spends the majority of his time in philanthropic work because in his own words, his drive is to “empower as many individuals as possible” and win back freedom in our country.


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