A practical workshop giving you the tools that’s stood the test of time which you can use for the rest of your life to build a strong financial foundation 

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What You’ll Learn:

Practical Money Management Workshop contains the resources you need to start building a strong financial foundation where you can start investing and looking to set up structures

1. Bringing structure to your finances

If you don’t have your personal finances sorted, you shouldn’t be looking to add anything on top of what you’re doing because that creates chaos. Organised wealth attracts more wealth. Step 1 is guiding you through the wealth formula, an uncomplicated process anyone can follow (on any income level) to get out of a stagnant financial situation where you feel like you’re treading on water, hardly making any progress (if any) to becoming debt-free.

2. Budgeting without feeling restricted

A common misconception is budgeting is only for the poor, which is not true. In fact, the wealthiest people we’ve met budget and manage their expenses even tighter than most! Here we expand on bringing structure to your finances and go into proper budgeting strategies and resources you can use to quickly get yourself into a position where you’re ready to start investing.

3. Practical steps and objectives to walk away with

Finally, we review the day’s learnings and give you practical action items, objectives and next steps to walk away with so you have a clear financial plan you can follow to reach your personal goals. We also share options you have to receive continued support from us along your journey that stair-steps you on where to go next with your investing.

Why wait? Ready to take control of your money, and not give it to the government?


Connor Marshall

Connor began his career in the health industry as a personal trainer. Ever since, he’s made the shift from working for someone else as a trainer to starting his own small business to now managing our elite investment programs at Global Wealth Club.

Connor from young had a deep interest in finances, investing and business, and after meeting Warren Black in 2016, this set him down the rabbit hole of mastering his own wealth and sovereignty.

In 2020, when the virus hit, Connor was one of the few personal trainers and small business owners who wasn’t affected badly by the mandates. This is simply because he knew how to build his cash and investments to withstand emergencies. Additionally, he was able to follow sound financial management principles to not only keep his money safe but also grow it steadily over time.

Connor is now certified in financial planning with a passion to help people achieve their financial goals in the club. He also spends a lot of his time working closely with expert speakers and contacts to help sophisticated investors grow a long-term wealth portfolio.

Edward Black

Edward was born and raised in a business family and trained from young to run a company. At age 12, he started earning his own income by running a Youtube channel and freelance graphic design. At age 14, he started managing staff and now at 19, he oversees and manages all of Global Wealth Club’s day-to-day operations.

Edward has been mentored and apprenticed by credible business owners who have successfully built multi-million dollar companies from the ground up which has given him the knowledge and skillset to effectively run the business operations. He’s also been mentored by very successful investors to gain a better understanding of how to build an investment portfolio that grows long-term wealth.

Edward is a speaker for Global Wealth Club and teaches on the fundamentals of finance based on what he’s learned and applied. He has also taught at youth seminars educating homeschooled children how to set themselves up in their life by mastering the basics of their finances and sovereignty.

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