Withstand the challenges ahead and recession-proof your life so you can be in a position of power, safety and peace of mind for your financial future no matter what happens next.


The Plan B Guide

Let’s face the reality…

The world has gone mad.

Last year, the coercion on people’s medical freedom of choice reached a point most people never, ever saw coming.

Personal rights, financial security and families were torn apart over a jab so many were reluctant to take.

But now … it’s getting even worse.

While people are still distracted on the politicians, media, blaming anyone or anything they can…

And too focused on one or the other perspective…

Very few are remaining balanced, seeing the situation for what it is, nor anticipating or planning for the catastrophic recoil effects we’re about to see.

Which is the damages to your wealth, assets and livelihood.

Your wealth, choices and future is at threat of being seized from you by people who have no regard for your livelihood.

The government, corporations, tax man, elite and corrupt world leaders.

Imagine a world one day where if you said the wrong thing on social media, voted the wrong party or even just your country went on the blacklist.

Then, because of this, you weren’t able to access the funds in your bank.

That’s a scary thought just to think of. Yet, it’s happened in Canada and Russia.

It’s one thing in theory when you expect banks to freeze accounts overnight but another to actually witness it happen in real life.

What we saw in Russia and Canada with banks temporarily freezing accounts is any investors’ worst nightmare.

With the cost of living on the rise, so are everyone’s worries.

Fear is kicking in because people’s wealth is at more threat than ever with governments looking to draw their funds. 

We’re seeing clear warning signs of an economic collapse but because people never learn from the mistakes of the past, the same outcome will almost certainly happen.

In the 1990s, any white farmer in South Africa had their properties seized. I met many clients who saw the signs early and fled with their families. The ones who stayed suffered the consequences for acting too late.

In Ukraine, a few of our contacts saw the signs of invasion and war, and quickly fled to Poland or another country before it was too late. The ones who stayed aren’t allowed to leave as they’re stuck under martial law.

The sanctions on Russia, Biden’s seizures of billionaire’s assets, ATO crackdown on family trust distributions, food prices, interest rates about to increase and fuel is continuously on the rise.

The cost of living is going up, families and small businesses are being hit hard and soon won’t be able to keep up.

Because while inflation is increasing, wages are staying the same.

People won’t be able to meet their expenses and it’s going to have a direct affect to your wealth.

There will be riots, harder debt collection, asset seizures, chaos, fear and people going feral like we’ve never seen before.

This crash is going to be absolutely catastrophic… and millions are going to lose their entire livelihood.

We live in a society driven by greed, and as bankers start calling in their loans, governments will be forced to meet their impossible debts.

Think about it…

Last year we saw insane borrowing and easy credit.

Governments were printing and borrowing money to keep the economy afloat while citizens borrowed significantly with low interest to satisfy their own greed.

Debt levels are at all-time highs.

As soon as banks want their money paid back, you can just imagine the consequences we could see.

They’ll come running around looking to draw funds from anywhere, even if it’s at your expense. Especially if you have a lot of wealth.

Because the more assets you own, the more you have to lose.

Imagine waking up one day and seeing half of your bank account wiped out, money from your retirement savings stolen and your properties, business, gold, cryptocurrencies and any other investment of value taken.

I’m not saying this to put fear into you. I’m saying this because it’s a real possibility and has happened before… and if there’s anything we know, it’s that history often repeats itself.

The good news is, you can do something about it if you read the signs early and act fast.

Having a back-up plan is no longer a luxury… but a dire necessity.

It’s easy to get complain about the problem, feel terrified and blame someone for what’s happening.

That’s easy but what will it accomplish?

It’s much, MUCH harder to remain level-headed, see it for what it is, and then take MASSIVE action to prepare your assets for the sh!t that’s ahead.

It takes a lot out of you when you make a conscious decision to commit to building the solution but very worthwhile.

A sovereign individual is proactive, manages their risk wisely and does whatever it takes to protect their livelihood and families at all costs.

It’s not a time to let your guard down. It’s a time to put safety first, strengthen your security and put a back-up plan into action.

That is, move your assets overseas and acquire multiple residencies and citizenships so you can be ready if you need to flee in an instant.

Having a back-up plan puts you in a position of power. So if governments crackdown and the regulations tighten, you’re prepared to move in an instant.

Just imagine 2, 5 or even 10 years from now.

How would you feel if your whole livelihood was taken from you, and you knew you had the chance to do something about it before it happened? It’s not a feeling anyone should live their life with.

It’s time to make a choice.

Will you wait for the problem to happen… or will you take action on your future.

Learn the proven secrets used by many of the elite and our high net worth clients to protect what you own both onshore and offshore.

With uncertainty all across the world, new threats emerging every day and fear in people’s lives, this is the time to be calm, focused and sovereign.

It’s time to get onto things early and learn the right, balanced strategies so you can start making carefully measured choices to secure your financial future.



  • How to put a strong back-up plan into place, acquire second citizenships or residencies so you can be a global sovereign individual and have options ready to go if you need to escape the country in an instant.
  • Elite strategies used by the super-rich to legally move your wealth offshore for top safety and protection.
  • Building an asset portfolio that can withstand government seizures and crackdowns.
  • Historical statistics and trends of surviving a recession, where the wealthy tend to store their money and options one may consider.
  • Practical steps as an Australian to immediately start acquiring assets such as gold or silver, and how to store it in a safer jurisdiction such as Singapore.
  • Balanced look at the pros and cons of different asset protection strategies and offshore jurisdictions so you can make a carefully measured decision on your financial future.
  • Planning for what’s ahead by knowing how to protect your assets, reduce the risk of losing your property, gold, from seizure, and remaining free in an unfree world.




Class 1: Starting Your Plan B – Part 1

Class 2: Starting Your Plan B – Part 2


Class 1: Plan B Lockchain (Cryptos)

Class 2: Gold, Silver and the Upcoming Crisis

Class 3: Creating Residual Income

Asset Protection

Class 1: Advanced Australian Foundations

Bonus Trainings

Class 1: Look Beyond Borders – Second Passports & Residencies

Class 2: Build Your Legacy – Family Offices





Warren is a specialist in Australian and international taxes. He is passionate about sovereignty and freeing business owners and investors from the oppression of unjust taxes and government asset thefts 100% legally.

In Warren’s words, his mission is to “help people slash their tax 100% legally and keep greedy gold diggers far from their hard-earned wealth so they won’t reap where they have not sown … ”.

Warren has a specialist expertise in common law, finances, sovereignty, offshore tax planning, and higher level tax structuring for investors and business owners. He is known for his eccentric and out-of-the-box approach to life and creative yet 100% legal ways of minimising tax for clients.

Warren’s credentials in this area are many. They include over 30 years’ experience in tax and wealth protection, 10 years at the Australian Taxation Office, qualifications as an accountant, lawyer and investment advisor, First Class Honours, the Mallesons Stephen Jacques prize for his Honours thesis.



Stephen Petith, up until recently, strictly dealt with individuals who had a net-worth of minimum 50M USD and more commonly, 100M USD+ – billionaires.

Stephen calls himself an internationalisation architect. His profession is based on helping companies go global and achieve massive growth in both their business and revenue.

In simple terms, he does this by taking them off the stock market, restructuring them with his team and then launching it back on the stock exchange turning them into millions of profit – making them 10 to even 100 times the initial buy in price!

Stephen is not only experienced in venture capital and pre-IPO investing but has also spent decades mastering asset and wealth protection.

He’s been involved in major money moving operations to help diplomats, multi-millionaires and billionaires to protect their wealth, legally.

Things started to change for Stephen around 5 years ago when he had a severe spider bite which hospitalized him for several months (and in fact nearly killed him)!

This gave him the vision and impious to give back and serve the world with his wealth of knowledge.

Now he helps to assist individuals who are brand new on their journey to sovereignty (and has even helped many of our clients).




Vergel is a Director at Silver Bullion, having been with the company since 2011. Involved in the company since its early days, he mainly looks after the needs of the company’s high net worth customers, as well as managing Silver Bullion’s customer service team.

Vergel also maintains key supplier relationships for Silver Bullion. In addition, Vergel is a director at Silver Bullion Sdn Bhd, the company’s subsidiary in Malaysia. He has more than 12 years’ experience in the financial services and wealth protection, including private equity.

Vergel graduated with double majors in Information Systems Management and Finance from Singapore Management University (SMU).

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