Find Clarity Amidst the Storm and Ignite Your Journey to Freedom, Independence and Prosperity in All Areas of Your Life


The Sovereign Individual

The world has gone mad.

Health put at risk, economic coercion, restrictions, freedoms stripped en masse, and employees’ financial security and entire livelihood in great danger if they don’t comply.

The worst part?

We’ve only touched the surface.

Most people are getting worked up, p#ssed off at the government, going to rallies, complaining on social media…

But yet, they aren’t doing ANYTHING to make a difference on their own lives.

That’s because they haven’t learned to be centred, balanced, calm, and don’t understand the steps it takes to become a sovereign individual.

How will your life look in say, 5 years? Or even 10 if you haven’t been educated on your rights, who you are, and how to achieve sovereignty, financial independence and alternative ways to be free and empowered from the system?

The world we once knew is gone forever, and it’s never coming back.

We’re entering a whole new way of living and government. In fact, a whole new age on planet Earth.

In times gone past, the world has experienced times of transition and change – for better or worse.

First was the Industrial Revolution.

Machines took over, manufacturing processes improved and manual workers weren’t required as much. As a result, many jobs and livelihoods were lost, and suffer hit the town.

Next, it was the Information Age.

Technology advanced and specific physical presences weren’t as essential as times gone by. Those who weren’t prepared and ready didn’t survive this time.

Now, we’re entering an Internet or AI Revolution…

A book called, “The Sovereign Individual” talks a bit about this.

One of the things they said is we’ll move into an age of sovereign individuals and small communities where big nations and oppressive governments would end.


The process to get there would be quite catastrophic and intense as governments want to hold onto their power.

You’ll see them do things which are unethical and ruthless.

In fact, it’s already started.


You must be ready for this.

Whether you like it or not, it’s time to make a choice.

Are you going to stay in the system, comply and give up most of your personal power for survival?

Even if you’re required to relinquish your health, freedom, income, rights, and livelihood?


Will you find freedom, courage and sovereignty, and learn how to be completely independent and self-sufficient from the system?

And have the strength, mentality, balance and calmness amidst the storm.

That is, to become a sovereign individual.

It’s easy to say the latter.


Most people don’t realize the level of control and power the governments, corporations and system actually hold.

So they focus on trying to fight against the system, rather than take a step back, breathe, recognize the truth, and become independent and sovereign in their own reality.

If you want to find your sovereignty, this is what’s required of you…

    • Completely shift your mentality, perspective and the very way you think and see life
    • Gain clarity on what’s happening, who you are, how the system works, what sovereignty truly means and your true rights as a sovereign man or woman
    • Remove the fear, take a step back, breathe, settle and master your emotions to be calm, collected and ready to grow despite everything going on
    • Make radical lifestyle changes and get rid of any vulnerability in life which still relies on the system for provision (this even means your income)
    • Create your own income away from a day job or small business
    • Make sure your assets and wealth are secure at all costs so the Great Reset can’t affect you at all
    • Focus on your own transformation rather than persuading others, because you’ll need it fast the way our world is heading
    • Stop complaining, blaming others, wasting your time mad at governments while doing nothing, and start getting yourself educated so you can begin your journey from fearful to free
    • Be empowered and sovereign in all areas of life

Yes… it’s a huge task.

But you must start acting NOW before it’s too late.

If you haven’t…

Think about how your life would look in 5 years if your income relies on a day job or small business and suddenly an employer announces all workers who don’t get jabbed will be fired…

You’d be forced to make a tough decision whether to give up your health, or your entire livelihood and struggle looking for something else to provide.

Make a decision today to move fast, get educated, find balance and centredness, gain clarity, be empowered and sovereign.



  • Foundations of sovereignty, order of creation, what it means to be a truly sovereign individual.
  • Common law legal rights, how to exercise your rights around jabs or coercion, and type of language to use to win just about any war.
  • Origins of the system, where it started, how the current system operates, and how to live have freedom lifestyle separate from the system.
  • Proactive steps you must take to start becoming sovereign, self-sufficient and empowered to survive what’s ahead.
  • How to generate multiple streams of income, and minimise your vulnerability and economic coercion so you can protect your freedom, family and livelihood.
  • The businesses that will survive the coming financial reset, and what you should or shouldn’t be in right now.
  • Why we are heading into the greatest spiritual awakening and reformation, and what we as a collective have to do in our consciousness to get there.
  • Guidance to transform fear, anxiety, and anger into strength, calmness, peace, and perseverance so you can make radical changes to your life FASTER.
  • How to take control of your health in alternate ways using frequency. Further, how you can protect yourself from the jab using energy.
  • Action steps you can take right now to actually make a difference in your life and others.
  • Integration techniques to absorb your knowledge and turn it into practical action.




Class 1: Introduction to Sovereignty

Class 2: Secret World and Economic History


Class 1: Frequency and Energy Medicine

Class 2: Breathwork


Class 1: Achieving Inner Sovereignty

Class 2: Quantum Finance and Raising Your Consciousness

Class 3: Tiers of Consciousness and New Economy


Class 1: Investing in the New Economy

Class 2: Principles of Tax Minimisation

Class 3: Advanced Asset Protection and Tax Minimisation Part 1

Class 4: Advanced Asset Protection and Tax Minimisation Part 2


Class 1: Conclusion





Warren is a specialist in Australian and international taxes. He is passionate about sovereignty and freeing business owners and investors from the oppression of unjust taxes and government asset thefts 100% legally.

In Warren’s words, his mission is to “help people slash their tax 100% legally and keep greedy gold diggers far from their hard-earned wealth so they won’t reap where they have not sown … ”.

Warren has a specialist expertise in common law, finances, sovereignty, offshore tax planning, and higher level tax structuring for investors and business owners. He is known for his eccentric and out-of-the-box approach to life and creative yet 100% legal ways of minimising tax for clients.

Warren’s credentials in this area are many. They include over 30 years’ experience in tax and wealth protection, 10 years at the Australian Taxation Office, qualifications as an accountant, lawyer and investment advisor, First Class Honours, the Mallesons Stephen Jacques prize for his Honours thesis.

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