Take Control of Your Mental Sovereignty so You Have the Strength, Courage and Wisdom to Create Your Future


The Sovereign Way Of Thinking

It seems like sh!t’s already hit the fan.

Yet, for some weird reason, there’s a lingering feeling amongst many this is only the beginning.

Would you agree?

The smell of doom and a society and economic collapse is imminent.

Those who recognize this respond in one of two ways…

  1. Their fear-based brain kicks in so they get terrified of all that goes on – leaving them scared, stressed and hopeless.

As a coping mechanism, they look for the easiest thing (or person) to blame such as the government, people making different choices to them, media, conspiracies or something else.

However, the trouble with this is they also neglect to work on themselves and their consciousness to achieve sovereignty in their life.

And at the end of the day when it’s all said and done, they’re left uncertain, in a worse place than before and self-loathing.

That’s the first group of people.


  1. They take responsibility for their reality and look at ways to prepare for worst case scenarios so by the time sh!t really hits the fan, they’re protected, have wise defensive strategies in place, are mentally prepared and flourishing more than ever.

Instead of focusing on unjust actions of others, they work on their mindset while educating themselves on loopholes around the system.

So when push comes to shove, they already know what to say, how to act and stand their ground.

Let’s be honest with eachother…

The direction of the world isn’t good, atleast not for the next little while.

You MUST be ready for what’s ahead.

As you’re seeing in Sydney, Melbourne, Britain, New York and other places of the world … invasion of freedom and privacy are going to be pushed more.

And if you don’t take action now on your mental strength, it’ll become increasingly hard for you to withstand the days ahead.

Instead of waiting and hoping for the best…

Commit to mastering your mental sovereignty so no matter what goes on around you, whether it’s relatives giving in to the pressure, rights seemingly being stripped from you, income streams becoming limited or so forth, you have the strength, confidence and courage to create and govern your future.

By becoming well educated and prepared you gain the wisdom and strength to navigate through these storms and celebrate the spring as we exit the dark winter.

Make a decision NOW to become the captain of your own ship and take control of your future.



  • Introduction to what it really means to have a sovereign mindset, how to maintain a clear headspace and how to become mentally strong so no matter how much pressure there is for you to do something you don’t want to, you have the strength to stand your ground.
  • In-depth knowledge about your common law rights, how to exercise them, how to have the courage to voice yourself and legal ways to seek alternative solutions to coercion.
  • Guidance to transform your fears, stresses and criticisms into peace of mind, clarity and self-responsibility so you can quickly govern your own reality as opposed to an outside body or force.
  • Wise defensive actions and measures the sovereign and educated individuals are doing to protect themselves for worst case scenarios ahead.
  • What the Drama Triangle is, how the cycle of drama keeps repeating itself in your life, and how to step outside the triangle so you can obtain peace of mind, be able to think clearly, and easily discover practical steps to achieve success in your life.
  • Action steps you can take right now to develop a strong mental state and achieve sovereignty in your life.
  • How to decipher between true or false knowledge with plenty of misinformation being continuously spread across the news, people and social media.
  • The kind of wisdom and education you must obtain if you desire to exit the dark winter and celebrate the spring.
  • Be connected with a like-minded group of progressive individuals to increase speed of learning and growth. As you know, your social circle influences who you become.




Class 1: Exiting the Matrix

Mastering Energy

Class 1: Master Your Energy Master Your World

Class 2: Master Your Energy Master Your World – Extra Session


Class 1: The Sovereign Mindset and the Brave New World

Legal Rights

Class 1: Your Legal Rights Part 1

Class 2: Your Legal Rights Part 2

Common Law and Lawful Rights

Class 1: Common Law and Lawful Rights





Warren is a specialist in Australian and international taxes. He is passionate about sovereignty and freeing business owners and investors from the oppression of unjust taxes and government asset thefts 100% legally.

In Warren’s words, his mission is to “help people slash their tax 100% legally and keep greedy gold diggers far from their hard-earned wealth so they won’t reap where they have not sown … ”.

Warren has a specialist expertise in common law, finances, sovereignty, offshore tax planning, and higher level tax structuring for investors and business owners. He is known for his eccentric and out-of-the-box approach to life and creative yet 100% legal ways of minimising tax for clients.

Warren’s credentials in this area are many. They include over 30 years’ experience in tax and wealth protection, 10 years at the Australian Taxation Office, qualifications as an accountant, lawyer and investment advisor, First Class Honours, the Mallesons Stephen Jacques prize for his Honours thesis.



Stephen Petith, up until recently, strictly dealt with individuals who had a net-worth of minimum 50M USD and more commonly, 100M USD+ – billionaires.

Stephen calls himself an internationalisation architect. His profession is based on helping companies go global and achieve massive growth in both their business and revenue.

In simple terms, he does this by taking them off the stock market, restructuring them with his team and then launching it back on the stock exchange turning them into millions of profit – making them 10 to even 100 times the initial buy in price!

Stephen is not only experienced in venture capital and pre-IPO investing but has also spent decades mastering asset and wealth protection.

He’s been involved in major money moving operations to help diplomats, multi-millionaires and billionaires to protect their wealth, legally.

Things started to change for Stephen around 5 years ago when he had a severe spider bite which hospitalized him for several months (and in fact nearly killed him)!

This gave him the vision and impious to give back and serve the world with his wealth of knowledge.

Now he helps to assist individuals who are brand new on their journey to sovereignty (and has even helped many of our clients).




Vergel is a Director at Silver Bullion, having been with the company since 2011. Involved in the company since its early days, he mainly looks after the needs of the company’s high net worth customers, as well as managing Silver Bullion’s customer service team.

Vergel also maintains key supplier relationships for Silver Bullion. In addition, Vergel is a director at Silver Bullion Sdn Bhd, the company’s subsidiary in Malaysia. He has more than 12 years’ experience in the financial services and wealth protection, including private equity.

Vergel graduated with double majors in Information Systems Management and Finance from Singapore Management University (SMU).

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